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🤠 [www] D-A-D [dot] SPACE 🤠
… is a "Space for Dads"™ …

Hi, it's me, Jeff. I'm the owner and operator of www.d-a-d.space. Dads are fathers, but D.A.D. is also an acronym for "Drawing a Day"™ … and that's what this site is all about. I started it on the day Trump became president (20 Jan 2017), and I will end it on the day we send a monkey to mars to build the space society we deserve. This is not a political website, folks; it's a D-A-D.SPACE, folks. Keep any and all chatter regarding politics someplace else! Shalom. Folks. Oh, also $1 from every purchase on this site shall be donated to the ACLU! PS. Please buy at least one of all these prints (they are numbered, signed, and are limited editions!) XOXOXO … oh, if you are curious how I make these wonderful pictures, I use a homemade grapefruit rind stylus and a macbook pro! I try to make them in 3 minutes or less, but sometimes I take like 5 minutes. IDK.